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TUT7 Lady SP 124-8 - WPX Gilt2.jpg

Lady IMF 124-8
TUT4 Change 82-3 x  [TUT3 4010 150-2 x TUT3 Lady SP 142-5]

The sow that is in 90% of FKB's pedigrees.

IMG_8363 (Edited).JPG

Hustle Belle 10-10 (ABA 68401)
Hostile Takeover 21-1 x [Unlimited 8-2 x AJC9 Hustle Belle 62-3]

Dam of Nutty Professor and Grandmother of Swamp Donkey

69232finallogo (2).jpg

Sterling Lady 32-7 (ABA 69232)
 Different Strokes x [G10 Tex 7-1 x AJC9 Sterling Lady 2-9 {"Hedgepost"}]

Dam of B777

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